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Bluu Door Hospitality & Entrepreneurship

Post graduation has truly been one of the most trying times of my life but also some of the most impactful and fruitful filled with so many learning opportunities. Since I was young I had a strong desire to become an entrepreneur and build something of my own and help those around me. Those of you who knew me throughout college probably remember some of the adventures that I partook in from selling chocolate chip cookies at CJ’s Chocolate Chip, to building websites for real estate companies. I always had a tack and a spirit for entrepreneurship and a desire to put myself out there are be apart of as many situations as I could. This past June, I took another leap of faith with my brother Cameron to start a vacation rental company called, Bluu Door. We had ambitions to build an excellent product for our guests through our sleek mid-century modern design of our spaces while also infusing technology through the entire space with smart locks, USB charging stations and more. 

This has been a great opportunity to see growth in so many areas from starting a business to watching it continue to grow each day. Cameron and I have learned so much along the way in the vacation rental space and how to continue to make our product fit the needs of our guests. We aim to create the best experience for our guests whether it is our vacationers, corporate travelers or even student housing in the summer for internships. All around we strive to be the place where our guests come to know and trust. 

This adventure is not only one where we hope to build a great company where our guests trust us and keep on coming back, but we seek to transform the hospitality industry from within. The vacation rental industry is no doubt growing year over year and new organizations are changing the game, constantly. At Bluu Door, we seek to be those change-makers and disrupters, for good, so that we can build the exact product that all guests are looking for. From the family traveling for the family reunion to the business traveler who needs a place to rest his head after a long work week, we seek to be the organization that meets the needs of the 21st century traveler who wants things his way, and provide it to him, each and every stay.

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